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Hero List

# Level Name Kingdom Class
1 105 Volcano Pandemonia Sura
2 105 Kemba Asmodia Assassin
3 105 WhatsUpDoc Asmodia Warrior
4 105 ifrith Asmodia Warrior
5 105 SHEDIR Asmodia Sura
6 105 NSN Pandemonia Warrior
7 105 Durango Asmodia Assassin
8 105 K4RL Pandemonia Warrior
9 105 DrayTek Asmodia Warrior
10 105 Tanaka Asmodia Assassin

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Metin2 SG - Get your Oriental on!

Welcome to the land of Dragon God adventurer!

Metin2 is a FREE-to-play massive online world packed with intense action and brutal fighting. Choose from 3 kingdoms (Asmodia, Pandemonia and Elgoria) and 8 different characters, each with their own unique skills.
Evolve your character to your liking with the many choices available: Languages, Mining, Polymorphing, Leadership, Fishing and many more are available and have an effect on how you fight monsters or other characters.

Official Video

Metin2 SG Trailer